Thursday, 28 June 2007

Shocking statistics.............

did you know there are 450,000 sufferers of Epilepsy in the UK alone.

that is 1 in every 131 people.

1000 people die of the condition every year.

You will probably come into contact with someone with Epilepsy sometime in your life so please treat us like human beings.

We know a seizure can be a very difficult and upsetting thing to see but please give us room, dont fuss and above all dont stand in a crowd and stare when we are trying to come round again. We are confused, dissorientated and its kinda frightening when there is a rather large crowd gawping at us and makes us feel like freaks!!



Jack said...


Are you taking a camerra? Keep the humour alive while you spread the message.
A condition most of us Scots ignore and just pray it doesnt affect us or any one we know, perhaps its time it was out in the open. Good tips and advice on how to react if I ever do see a epilectic fit. I'll let the wife know a spoon wont be nesissary.

Keep in touch. They are prety well up to speed in Europe, I'm sure you'll find internet cafe's along the way. Dont use them in Germany, I'm pretty sure they have a humour ban in place. How else could a country be so humourless?


Natasha said...

You write very well.