Monday, 25 June 2007

Lets get educated.....

One of the biggest problems of being epileptic is the lack of awareness of the condition. Many a time has a stranger been injured due to acting upon the wsrong advice. People are still making the mistake of holding and restraining sufferers whilst they are having a seizure. This not only puts them in danger but also the sufferer. Some folks also stick fingers in your mouth to stop you choking on your tongue. The chance of this happening are actually very slim and all that may happen is we bite their fingers off.
The general population have never experienced someone have a seizure, Ive been a sufferer for 18 years and I still havent seen one(Im not there when I have one lol), and it is understandable that they either go into shock, panick, or just act on impulse which can put everyone invovled in danger.
Ignorance in the work place is always a bone of contention. Unless you have an amazingly understanding employer you will encounter huge problems, some of my experiences I will highlight at a later date.

These problems should be addressed and education and awareness should be a top prority and it is my goal to make this happen.
If you happen across this blog please let everyone know about it. Leave a comment about experiences or even to let me know you dont know much about seizures and our condition.

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Cheryl said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the way the web works.

I don't know much about epilepsy. My former brother-in-law has it and was fired from his job after having a seizure at work. Turns out he falsified his job application and lied about his 'condition.' It must be a Catch 22. If you admit it, you're not hired, if you don't, you're fired.

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Have a good day!