Thursday, 17 April 2008

Working hard at carreer and fun

Hi guys sorry i havent updated for a long time.(sorry jamie)

Well, my career has taken off and I am now a retail sales floor controler. Stupid money for a job I enjoy.

My record of being free was 167 days but unfortunately I am now back to square one at 10days. Oh well.

The doc put me on new drugs on top of the original stuff and all they seem to do is give me killer blinding headaches but he insists it is temporary side effect! It better hurry and stop or I will cause him a "temporary side effect" lol This new drug is due to Post cuncussion trauma?????????? Never heard of it before but seemingly Ive got it and on top of every thing else I am now amassing quite a wee collection of "problems" lol

Cant grumble tho still happy and still living it up`

take care all