Monday, 20 August 2007

its my birthday........

well another year has flown by. I am now in my twenty teens, thats over 33 lol.
I had a great time out after being kidnapped by friends and forced to have copious amounts of alcohol.

this leaads me to anotherr issue......

After 20 years of epilepsy, im gonna have to make up another phrase for it, I have encountered discrimination, insults and general ignorance for most of the time but the most annoying one is an attitude from some of my closest friends.
As the blog title suggests I have come to terms with having the Big E, that will do for now, and am determined to live my life to the full. It therefore annoys me somewhat that when I do go out for a wee vimto or seven there is always an underlying tension between some of my friends and I know they just cannot relax because they are too worried that, during the evening, I will have a seizure. Now, I know they are just worried about me and I know they are able too help if I do but in 20 years I have suffered maybe 5 seizures whilst out on the bevvy. Reason being is I usually have an incling in the morning when I wake if "today is going to be a bad day" so thertefore if I wake up with a doubt I seldom leave the house.
It is awful being watched and scrutinised whilst trying to have fun and kinda adds an uncomfortable edge to the proceedings.
I have assyred many of my friends that it is unlikely going to happen, explained my "bad days" feelings and spoke in lengths about how I understand their concerns and how it is ap[preciated but that it also ruins my night and probably theirs.
No avail.
I am at a loss now as to how I can stop them behaving manner but I am determinned not to stop me having fun!!!!!!


jAMiE said...

Happy Birthday Gary...i hope you have many, many more!'s my sisters birthday today too.

daysgoby said...

Happy Birthday!

Hattigrace said...

My husband has had many seizures. It is scarring to watch. When he starts acting the least bit "off", my first question is, "have you taken your meds?". At all risks, I do not ever want him to have another one. Not for him and honestly, not for me. It is frightening and gruesome. They care. They love you. They cannot help being scared for you. You have to live with it. It is how they live with it.

My heartfelt sympathies and admiration that you have determined to keep LIVING!! And, happy birthday!